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Scris de Florin Rusu   
Joi, 16 Iunie 2011 07:50


Este ratiunea o arma biologica? O argumentatie analitica impotriva unei teorii evolutioniste a ratiunii:

“Still, some of us genuinely argue–with ourselves and others–to get to the truth. Does anyone really deny this? Some might, but what is the evidence? Wouldn’t this require some claim of false consciousness for those of us that see ourselves as pursuing truth?”


Mark Thornton ia apararea amish-ilor in razboiul laptelui declansat de autoritatile americane: Legalize Milk, Real Milk! :

“Pasteurization is imposed by Big Dairy and enforced by the state. Now that the raw-milk movement has started taking off, the state is cracking down on the small dairy producers who are trying to earn a living by bringing the product to market. Law enforcement has even gone so far as destroying milk, much like the keg and still busters of the Prohibition era.”



Justin Raimondo saluta amploarea luata in randul republicanilor americani de miscarea anti-interventionista si declara sfarsitul neocon consensus, bazat pe cinica sintagma “bomb ‘em, and let God sort out the rest”:

“Yet, in reality, there is no such thing as “isolationism,” and no such creature as an “isolationist”: it is a fiction manufactured by the interventionist politicians of both parties to characterize any and all opposition to aggressive and unnecessary wars”


De ce cumpara lumea Toyota Prius, in pofida urateniei ei si a price premium-ului pe care trebuie sa il plateasca?:

“So what is it that Prius owners are getting for the money they waste at the time of the purchase? They are almost instantly recognized as an environmentalist. That can pay dividends in many dimensions. For instance, sales people who want to impress environmentally-sensitive clients who drive a Prius have a leg up. Simply calling yourself an environmentalist is not nearly as effective as driving a Prius and proving that you are. The money wasted at purchase is returned via potentially enhanced sales.”


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