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Revista blogurilor: Cum sa gatesti online mancare medievala... nici pentru caini, dar nici pentru teroristi exuberanti PDF Imprimare Email
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Scris de Florin Rusu   
Vineri, 17 Iunie 2011 08:37

Despre adevarata amenintare terorista la adresa cetatenilor americani, in opinia lui Steven Horwitz:

“Since 9/11 the biggest threat to the American people is not radical Muslim terrorists, nor deranged domestic terrorists, but the terrorists with the blue uniforms, badges, and body armor. Their weapons of mass destruction are not bombs, but state-approved guns, latex-gloved hands, and a profound disregard for our rights. Until we stand up and say, “Enough!” these terrorists will keep winning and our rights will continue to be lost.”

David Friedman s-a apucat de gatit, online si free, bucate medievale:

“Most of the recipes are from the 13th through 15th centuries. The earliest  are extracted from a letter written in the sixth century by a Byzantine physician to Theoderick, king of the Franks, and the latest  from The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Opened, published (posthumously) in 1669.”


Cum poti fi amendat pentru ca ti-ai lasat cainii singuri in masina:

“My family and dogs sat in a hot car for over an hour while the police harassed me. Apparently, animal cruelty can only be perpetrated by citizens, not the soldiers of the crown.”


Cum sa rezolvi problema “exuberantei irationale” prin metode “exuberante irational”:

“Mr. Shiller says fiscal stimulus and regulatory expansion are good but  confidence is weak and there is real risk of recession.  He suggests that the government lacks the ability to boost confidence. But policy makers did the wrong thing in the bubble. Likely they’re doing the wrong thing in the slump as well, destroying confidence through their interventions”


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